Description :

ACNEWIN Lotion is a daily care for young skin with a tendency to acne. This lotion is specially formulated to be used on large or hairy areas.
ACNEWIN Lotion is based on Niacinamides, Acnet and Salicylic Acid. It matifies the skin, helps fight against imperfections and regulates sebum.
Rebalances, and cleanses the epidermis.


Apply 1 to 2 times a day with a cotton swab on the affected areas previously cleaned and dried.


– External use only, do not swallow.
– Avoid contact with eyes.
– Do not leave within the reach of children.
– Do not use in case of allergy to one of the constituents.


• BURDANE EXTRACT: Anti-inflammatory / astringent / soothing / anti-blemish.
• NIACINAMIDE B3: Sebo-regulator and anti-inflammatory.
• LACTIC ACID: (Also called lactate) Moisturizing, protects the skin and regulates its pH, It absorbs and retains moisture in the outer layer of the skin.
• SALYCILIC ACID: Exfoliant / Antibacterial / Purifying and Astringent.
• ALOE VERA: Soothing / Sanitizing / Repairing / Moisturizing / Nutritious / Exfoliating.
• TEA TREE OIL: Purifying / Refreshing / Purifying / Reduces impurities / Deep cleanses the skin / Prevents the accumulation of bacteria and excess sebum.